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ICE (Integrated Container Engineering) is a leading provider of operations container systems to US Government agencies. The company has been in business for 11 years.

In October 2001 ICE acquired Compass Precision Metal and Compass Coatings. Compass Precision Metal manufactures custom sheet metal fabrications and Compass Coatings is a complete finishing company. ICE integrated the Compass Precision Metal Fabrication employees and a new company ICE Compass was formed with the existing Compass Coatings business and employees. Compass had two facilities, the Coatings operations in Chantilly Virginia and the Precision Metal Fabrications in Tazewell Virginia. The principal office is now located in Tazewell Virginia and will become a focal point of future growth. The town of Tazewell is located in a designated rural HUBZone area. Establishing the ICE manufacturing facility in Tazewell qualifies the company as a HUBZone concern as designated by the Small Business Administration. HUBZone classification provides federal contracting assistance for small businesses. For more information on the SBA HUBZone program visit

ICE Compass offers complete finishing services providing coating/painting/silkscreening. Customers include plastic and metal fabrication companies, machine shops, PCB/Circuit Card assembly manufacturers, aerospace manufacturers, government agencies, and office equipment manufacturers.

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